The truth is that it’s not your SWEET TOOTH it’s not the sugar you have in your tea or the carbohydrates you consume, nor is it the processed man made quick though in the microwave ready in 5 minutes meals that are making you FAT it not directly any of these . None of these are directly the reason for your weight gain or not being Able to lose more .
You’re wondering what the hell is this guy talking about ? The answer is this ….
It’s simply your eating / consuming to many calories.
Your body needs a certain amount of calories a day to function , walk , talk , blood reproduction, building and repairing bone and muscle cells , your digestive system all require calories to burn as fuel .
But if you exceed your daily requirements your body will simply think that times are good and food is plentiful and store these as fat for when food is not so plentiful, are body’s have not developed since we were hunter gatherers and will try and store excess calories for a later time, I’m afraid it’s stored around your waist , bum , thighs and chest .
Your body is a well tuned fat storing machine it has been designed to store energy when it can .
Our lives these days are in most cases plentiful , we no longer need to hunt down are foods chase animals or lay traps in wait for them we no longer pick berry so from trees miles apart , we just simply drive or walk to the super market or theses days get them delivered right to our doors .
So to put it simple if you overeat take in too many calories that your body does not need you will get fat . 
  • So move more 
  • Eat less 
  • Make sure you take in what your body needs to do all your daily chores your metabolic rate , at this point mine is around 2200 calories a day to stay as I am . 
For me to lose a little I simply take in a little less each day say around 200 less a day and then burn another 300 calories from exercise this over a 24 hour period amounts to 500 calories deficit , times this number by 7 = 3,500 over the week , and do you know what 3,500 calories is = to ? It’s = to 1lb bad weight.
Saturday, August 13th, 2016 at 9:35 am  |  News, Training Tips