Adventure Racing and the birth of the Obstacle race ( OCR ) 

 Adventure Racing and the birth of the Obstacle race ( OCR )     

Adventure racing

Adventure racing . Here at Onfirefitness & Bootcamp Winchester , we love training and most of all training with a challenge set against us. We all train hard for many different resins , health , weight management and the love of are chosen sport, swim ,cycle ,run just to name the most common.

Training towards a goal is awesome not just to loose weight or body shape , there’s lots of other ways things you maybe training for like OCR events/races. 

Here at Onfirefitness and Bootcamp Winchester we love this type of event not always with the intention of racing but to first have fun, challenge are over all fitness and also to put are hard work to use. 

Obstacle racing Adventure racing , is nothing new it’s been around for many years now , and over time it’s changed and become fare more excess sable to all levels of fitness beginners it’s a great way to raise money for charity for example Pretty Mudder which is a national cancer charity which runs events all the time. See link below👇


Ridge Runner is a local OCR in Hampshire / Romsey. 

It’s a 10k event middle of the range distance and abilities but still very do able , with Onfirefitness’s help. 

This year Onfirefitness has been asked to start the warm ups and to get every one race day ready. Exciting stuff ( so here at Onfirefitness as put a team together ready to take on this course.  👇sign up now .


Right up to the OCR region and global Championships , there’s small local company’s all the way up to the massive global company’s like Spartans – Tough Mudders – and the legendary Tough Guy. 


There really is something for every one entry level first time runners covering distances like 5/10ks were you may get asked to jump over hay bails , shallow water crossings and short rope climbs to the bigger tougher events some with short distances with loads of obstacles to cover again 5/10k and right up to 20 milers and even night team events were the aim of the games is to do as many laps as posable to beat the other teams. Some events/races you get to throw spires , epic water slides the size of ski slops to 40 foot monkey bars and army cargo nets. 

At Onfirefitness and Bootcamp Winchester we try to get you fit and mentally strong to cope with anything that’s put in front of you , we always run as a TEAM 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃no one gets left behind. There’s obstacles that you can easily get over , under , round , through obstacles but there’s fare more were you need a helping hand and you will always be stronger as a team. 


Check out the pics above of us racing at Active Warrior 2017 . 

My personal demons are anything higher than head hight 😳😁 yes I’m a scaredy🐈cat  when its involving HIGHTS and this is always a challenge for me. we all have are fears.

Lots of Onfirefitness clients have taken on events, these are normal people like you and I not muscle bound fitness fanatics but normal people doing awesome things. But people that want to challenge themselves and even have a excuses to climb jump swing like they did as a child. 

There so much fun and a great way to challenge and put your fitness strength to the test. 

Get up and get involved NOW. 

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