Can you out train a bad diet ?

Bootcamp training WinchesterYou may or may not have heard the saying you can’t out train a bad diet , and I’m afraid this is quite simply true.

But I think this saying of mine is more accurate.   

You can’t out train a bad lifestyle ……

There is no amount of exercise that you can do to cancel out a diet full of processed foods, junk food, and liquid calories. You will survive but your health and long activity will be under strain your feel look and move like crap.

Yes it is all about calories in v calories used and you can eat what you like as long as you stick close to your dairy requirements ( Fats Carbs Proteins in the right % ) but my job is to encourage you to make better healthier chooses.

Eat your 5 = a day.

Eat adequate amount of protein.

Drink plenty of fluid ( water ).

And eat less man made crap.

Bootcamp WinchesterIn order for you to live a healthy life, you need to get your head straight and understand a few key roles.

*Exercising for an hour, burning 300-400 calories, and then saying “I earned this” to justify stuffing 1000 calories worth of junk food down your throat is a losing battle. You need to rethink this one !

*Exercise does not mean “run on a treadmill for hours and being miserable.”  Exercise is all about raising your heart rate up , being more mobile and active but doing things you like and want to do.

If you like to RUN then RUN


But if you do like the GYM environment then get your BUTT in that gym. The point here is do what exercise you like make it personal. 

*What you eat is 80-90% responsible for your succeed or failure when it comes to losing weight and getting healthier.  

*Every decision you make counts and everything you put into your mouth makes a difference. Just because yesterday was a bad day this does not mean you let it go and make it a bad weekend . Every day’s a new start a new opportunity for you to take steps to start to change , it’s all down to you and the environment you live in and the people you surround yourself with.

Get out doors when you can and absorb that vitamin D.

So can you out train a bad diet ?  yes and no .You  can eat junk foods but they need to be a part of your overall diet ( NOT ALL YOUR DIET ) it’s far better for you to eat a balanced nutritional colourful protein packed diet with the odd cheat treat thrown  in but when you do cheat treat count it with in your daily requirement.

Here’s a couple of helpful weight management tips :

*Move more

*Eat less

*Drink more water

*Eat more protein

*Eat less processed foods

*Don’t shop on a empty stomach

*Eat when your hungry not when you think you should

*Eat a protein based breakfast

*Have healthier food/snack  option around the house

*Eat more veg and fruit

*Lift weights

*Portion control

*Use smaller plates

*Do more Aerobic exercise

*More fibre in your diet

*Chew slower

*Sleep better

*Don’t drink your calories

*Don’t skip meals

*Walk more

Below is the link to the NHS website , it’s a good starting point to work from .

As a Personal Trainer at Onfirefitness and Bootcamp Winchester , I can help you with advice and guidance concerning you making healthier chooses in your dairy life.

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