Indoor Bootcamps in Winchester

Good morning its British spring time and we are all feeling good I hope ? I have some amazing news. Last night it was confirmed that we have the GREEN LIGHT . ITS TIME TO TAKE ACTION .... Kings School  ... Read more

Just ask yourself a question

Ask yourself a question. So just been thinking about the order of importance for GOOD ALL ROUND HEALTH ! 1. GOALS /weight loss / Strength training / become faster etc 2. over all CALORIES 3. water 4. exercise /what ever this ... read more

Starting The New Year Right

SO CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR HAS COME AND GONE.  People are asking , people are wanting to know what to do about the weight / pounds they have put on. It’s a good question as you can easily put on a couple of pounds up to ... read more


Christmas is nearly upon us in a couple of weeks and I know what your thinking! I’m already out of shape . A little podgy around the edges . No motivation . Confused about weight-loss. Sick of feeling sick . Low energy ... read more

Bear Grylls – Part Two

THE ONFIRE FITNESS ACCOUNT OF THE BEAR GRYLLS OBSTACLE RACE TRAINING DAY There was 3 coaches that day and 3 different stations , Natalie Summers , Freya Martin and Bear Grylls’s Marines , It was going to be a good day. ... read more

Training With Bear Grylls

Tomorrow is a really exciting day !! Myself , the wife and a couple of Onfire Fitness clients are off to train with Bear Grylls, Natalie Summers and some Marines ! We were fortunate enough to be selected courtesy of obstacle ... read more

Mondays – Chest Day!!!

MONDAYS !!! Monday is the universal CHEST DAY , walk into any gym across the world and on Monday it’s all about the chest those big slabs of meat ! Treasure your chest my friend… So yes these muscles look great an ... read more

Lunchtime Turbo Personal Fitness Session

If all you can spare is 20-40 minutes at lunch time then you can still have a BEAST of a fitness session, improve and make HUGE gains in fitness and good all round health . Lunch time fitness training can be quick and fast p ... read more

Personal Training Winchester

Mindset, Motivation and Drive

Mindset, motivation and drive are extremely important aspects of a workout and can make or break a session in the gym , or out of it! If you are not inspired and ready to do battle with yourself, the iron or the running machi ... read more

Personal Training Winchester

Strong mind and the body will follow

I have a saying strong mind and the body will follow.  To start anything now in life you have to get into the right mind to accomplish what you set out to do.  This in reference to health and fitness couldn’t be more true ... read more