Fighting the fat with the battlerope

twoThe Battle rope has been around in gyms and being used by Personal Trainers for a while now and it’s easy to see why , it’s a simple but awesome tool to have in your kit. It’s a huge calorie burner , burning up to 50 calories in just 5 minuets it can be classified as a HIIT work out tool , you really get a awesome cardio work out heart , lunges as well as strengthening and toning your coordination and motor skills will improve also.

I personally use it myself and with most of my clients , it’s a full body cardio , endurance , conditioning calorie burning piece of kit . Its simple and can be used any were homes , parks , gym alike and can fit on the back seat of your car or boot . It’s simplicity is its main selling point just wrap it round a fixed point a tree , fence post.

Personal Trainer in WinchesterA friend can join in also tag team style you go I go.

Ropes come in all length and widths from 1inch thick to 2,1/2 inches my biggest is 22foot long 3 inches thick , her name is Rapunzel .

The Battle Rope can be used as a calorie burner while building endurance strength . FAT just falls of your frame if used in the right manor , tempo , technic and rest periods.

threeThere’s so many upper and lower body movements combinations you can do from waves to slabs to jumping jacks.

So what do you do?

Simply put there’s two ends of the rope holding theses in your hands , rap them round a non-movable object with the two ends in your hands step away and you wave them around.

The length and width of the rope is what makes it so hard the longer the rope the harder it is . It really is a full body workout .

Monday, May 23rd, 2016 at 10:13 am  |  News, Training Tips