Keeping the fire burning

Today we are going to talk about progression and keeping motivated .

Adding variety to your training and keeping things real , relevant and progressive is sometimes we all need to do and is sometimes hard to do , but it can make or break your success , whether your goal is weight loss/management or strength training when things get boring you stop progressing or even worse you stop all together .
But this does not mean you jump headlong into the next fitness craze or fad diet . If it sounds to good to be true then it most probably is …

But keeping things interesting will keep your mind focused and on the job at hand .

We all know a Jackie , Jackie signs up to a gym full of beans ready to take on all challenges signs her name down on all the classes , starts her healthy eating all her cupboards are emptied of food and replaced with fresh veg and wholesome foods the fridge is full of fresh dairy and packed with meat and fish .

A month goes by and she’s feeling great lost a couple of pounds working hard and getting stronger , people are starting to notice she looks different she feels better in her own skin energy is bubbling and is flowing into other areas of her life. Things are good! no great in fact she’s the happiest she’s been in years . She’s still losing weight clothes are looking great on her .

As the months go by things start to change slow down and in the end completely stop , she finds herself deflated worn out , and before long she starts to see the muffin top start to reaper , she loses interest results start to slack the numbers on the scales start to slow – she’s hit the dreaded plateau ….

When you do the same work out time time out , performing the same exercises your body adapts and changes to cope with the stress and demand you are placing upon it this is what you need and want but over time the gains and progress will slow .

Over time your body gets to know what’s coming and has already adapted to that work load so its no longer under the same stresses it once was . This is when the magic happens , you at this point need to make small changes to your training the easiest and first one you would look at would be weight just adding a couple of pounds will make all the difference will stimulate muscle growth and keep the gains coming .

Thursday, August 25th, 2016 at 9:46 am  |  News