Women Lifting The Bar

Every week I get a email or message to my Facebook page Bootcamp Winchester from women asking me about whether or not they should start weight training. They ALWAYS mention that they don’t want to ‘bulk up’ or get too muscular.

I wanted to write this post to address your concerns and help you understand how muscle building works for women.

To sum up this post… the answer is NO. If you want to start lifting weights, do NOT think you’re going to turn into the Hulk after a month of weight training. It just WON’T Happen..so chill out ladies!

It just won’t happen!

Unless you take other measures ( Drugs ) save that for another day.

Although sometimes I personally wish it could happen!..

Every girl who emails me has the same goal in mind. They want to gain muscle but not get bulky. They want a lean & toned look to their body and need to trim fat.

Although you may lose some weight initially when on a new and consistent cardio plan, you will have a hard time ever obtaining the lean and “toned” look you desire. Imagine this…you’re going to the gym and doing an hour of cardio a few times a week. Soon, you hit a plateau because your body gets used to it. You add an extra day to workout and see more results. Soon enough you’re going to be working out 7 days a week doing an hour of cardio and your body will hit that plateau because it will be used to it. Sure, you may increase your cardio time, but eventually you just won’t have the time or desire to do this. It will get BORING and you will end up spending your days on the treadmill as a “cardio bunny” as I like to call them.

Lift Weights

Alright ladies, I’m talking about REAL weights here. Put down those pink dumbbells and head over to the big kid’s section at the gym and grab some IRON. Yes these may leave your hands smelling like iron and calluses on your hands, but buy some weight training gloves and suck it up.

Weight training is the key to a toned physique. Muscle takes a LONG time to build so don’t worry about becoming “the hulk” after a month of weight training. Gosh..if I could build muscle easily..I’d be a happy girl. It just doesn’t happen that way. It’s HARD to build muscle! I’ll get to that more in a second…

Now..back to the weight training. Now that you have your big girl panties on and put down the pink weights, we can get serious.

First off get a feel for the weights area , ignore THE MEAT HEAD IN THE CORNER lol
But check out all the gear , kettle bells Dumbbells , barbells etc.

A full body approach would be a great start , hitting all the big lifts a couple of times a week , in the first weeks even months you can make huge progress I would at this point invest in a Personal Trainer ( Me ) to show you how to move and make shore your safe and every one is also 😁 , I have covered full body approach in another blog so have a dig about and check it out.

The Big 5 lifts ..

*Dead Lift
*Bench Presses
*Over Head Presses
*Bent Over Rows

Crack these and your be well on your way.

Heavy weights will help you build muscle which will in return help you burn more calories. The best part of muscle is that it is more dense than fat so takes up less area than fat so you loose inch but can stay the same weight but your pants will fit better and you will lose inches throughout your body.

For those that have been in a gym for a little while , put yourself on a simple weight training split. If you want to lift 4 days a week, do something like this:

Monday: Upper Body

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Lower Body

Thursday: Upper Body

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Lower Body

Sunday: Rest

You can add some cardio in AFTER your workouts or on your rest days (but always keep one full day of rest to let your body recover).

Not only will you be burning calories during your weight training sessions, you will also build muscle which will help you burn more calories AFTER the gym. If you were to only do cardio, the after burn wouldn’t take place. Be more efficient… gain muscle and burn more calories at rest!

Eat Well

Nutrition is SO SO SO important in building a lean physique and diet . We then need to find out what your body needs in the way of calories There’s lots of calculates on the Internet . It’s all about over all calories going in , choose a lean protein, healthy carb veggies. Don’t over complicate things. Just keep things simple by eating non processed foods and fill your grocery cart up with whole foods.

Now, onto the questions I get all the time…

Will I bulk up if I start weight training?

No. The only way this would be possible is if you were eating enough to grow. This means you’re consistently eating more calories than you burn, every day. If you’re eating the right amount of calories and lifting weights, your body will start transforming into exactly what you want..a lean and toned physique!

One other thing to mention is that as women, we don’t have the natural produced testosterone in our bodies needed in order to get huge. Women have 15 to 20 times less the amount of testosterone as men have. This is why men don’t have a hard time putting on muscle. It takes hard work and a lot of time and serious dedication to build muscle.

No. Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue. When you start a weight training & healthy nutrition plan, you may start to see more muscle definition. This is because you’re body is starting to shed body fat…it’s not that you’re getting BULKY. So don’t stop when you start seeing muscle tone.

If you stay consistent with eating healthy and weight training (with some added cardio on the side a couple times a week), you will start to see changes in your body. You will be headed towards a FIT body and not the skinny cardio bunny look.


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