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    Welcome to Circuit Training

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Adventure Racing and the birth of the Obstacle race ( OCR ) 

 Adventure Racing and the birth of the Obstacle race ( OCR )      Adventure racing Adventure racing . Here at Onfirefitness & Bootcamp Winchester , we love training and most of all training with a chal ... read more

Punch your way to a Healthier you..

 Punch your way to a Healthier you ..                                                     ... read more

What Was Different This Year?

From all the years previous. The answer is everything other than you, what I mean by this is everything is different every minute of every day its you that could be potentially harming your results. Tell me ! what was differe ... read more

Bootcamp training Winchester

Can you out train a bad diet ?

You may or may not have heard the saying you can’t out train a bad diet , and I’m afraid this is quite simply true. But I think this saying of mine is more accurate.    You can’t out train a bad lifestyle ... read more

Personal Training for Women

Women Lifting The Bar

Every week I get a email or message to my Facebook page Bootcamp Winchester from women asking me about whether or not they should start weight training. They ALWAYS mention that they don’t want to ‘bulk up’ or g ... read more

Training on Fire

Keeping the fire burning

Today we are going to talk about progression and keeping motivated . Adding variety to your training and keeping things real , relevant and progressive is sometimes we all need to do and is sometimes hard to do , but it can m ... read more

Training in Winchester

A couple of FAQ’s

Q How much Physical Activity should I do to start my health and wellness journey ? A Well it is recommend that an adult do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity over week , this equates to doing 30 minutes a day ... read more

Personal Trainer

Do you need help…..! 

I know I’m fat again. I know I should be in the gym 3/4 times a week. I know I should be eating healthy food. I know it’s all in my head. I know it’s me that needs to change. But I need you to know some stuf ... read more