The truth is that it’s not your SWEET TOOTH it’s not the sugar you have in your tea or the carbohydrates you consume, nor is it the processed man made quick though in the microwave ready i  ... Read more

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If you are looking , wanting to put slabs of meat on your frame or to lose that unwanted bad weight . When using full body multi joint exercises are maybe just what you are looking for . Introducing the 6 compound movements , ... read more

Protein & Muscle Mass

Right let’s keep things simple and easy to understand , there’s no need to worry about the whys and how’s it’s all about the end results let me worry about the whys and how’s for you 🙂 that ... read more

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First of there’s a couple of things we need to get in order from the word GO. Managing expectations. We all see every day in the paper , glossy mags , tv , even driving along are high street images of people we aspire t ... read more

Booty Builders

The Squat. This exercise is best performed inside a squat rack for safety purposes. To begin, first set the bar on a rack to just below shoulder level. Once the correct height is chosen and the bar is loaded, step under the b ... read more

The Squat 

The Squat is a movement we do every day in our everyday life . We probably do lots of different versions of it all day long , it’s a big movement that involves major muscle groups of the lower body thighs , hamstrings, ... read more

The Double Kettle-bell swing 

The Kettlebell swing is a true full body movement really focusing on your posterior chain , so all the muscles that run from the acylases all the way up the back of your calves, hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae, latissimus ... read more

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THE how to lose WEIGHT , shift that FAT

BUT KEEP HOLD OF THAT LEAN MUSCLE . keeping hold of that hard earned muscle while losing that EXCESS BAD WEIGHT is hard going , but with a couple of KEY principles it can be made far easier without resulting to quick fixes . ... read more

Training Partners 

Training partners are a fantastic idea for most of us , they help to inspire , motivate , and keep you on track. Both need to have the same goals in mind lose weight , build muscle run faster or longer . Training for a protic ... read more

Looking For Bootcamps?

Good day all If you’re reading this then your doing one of to things : ROLLING YOUR EYES and thinking not again OR THINKING WHATS TIM GOT TO SAY TODAY ?    I hope it’s the later We as you know are hold outdoor b ... read more