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Ladies Boxing/Boxercise  ( Box2fit Winchester )

BOXING & BOXERCISE FOR FITNESS                                                                                                                                           


Ladies Boxing/Boxercise, Tim has also done his Level 1 Boxing course when he worked as a volunteer at a local boxing club [ but currently not registered or affiliated with a club ] He is also a Boxercise Instructor…. so we have combined these two and we bring you Box2Fit!

Box2Fit ( Boxing & boxercise ) is for women only . They sessions are high energy workouts that offer a combination of Boxing technique and Boxercise fitness. You will work hard and torch lots of calories whilst getting fitter, healthier & stronger and mixing with a amazing bunch of like minded ladies.

Ladies Boxing/Boxercise we have a closed FB groups where you can chat ask questions and interact with fellow members. There are limited numbers that can join up for each 6 week block . This is to ensure you give commitment to yourself , and to others in the group . You become part of a team that train together and support one another .

It is £50 for the 6 weeks/sessions .They will run consecutively for 6 weeks. We currently run these sessions 2 times a week so you pick your day & time from the following::

Ladies fitness and exercise boxing/boxercise     

Tuesday :: 8-9pm

Friday :: 6-7pm

We start with basic Boxing footwork and moving this believe it or not is one of the harder techniques.

We teach you the basic Boxing punches The old 1,2 though to using all punches and techniques.

Defence from punch’s ( slips,rolls,blocks,parry,lay backs and duck )

We also use Ladies Boxercise training which is aimed at your all round fitness , Ladies Boxing/Boxercise to music working punching to the musics beat is great fun and works your really hard. We also use HIIT training ( High Intensity Interval Training ) to help you shape and mould your new shape/body , because we train the body as a whole its great for toning up and burning fat.


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Ladies Boxnig/Boxercise

These are some of the fitness tools we use at  Ladies Boxing/Boxercise.

Jump ropes

Medicine balls


Focus mitts

Boxing Heavy punch bags

Kettlebells  to name a couple of tools we use.

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Ladies Boxing/Boxercise we also use Boxing gloves and Focus mitts in pairs to learn Boxing punch combinations , this is great for stringing punches together and working on your flow from attacking to defences and is awesome for ladies strength and conditioning and you get a real feel for Boxing and Boxercise.


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