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Here are some comments from some of our clients – hold your mouse over the testimonial to stop it moving on, click on a thumbnail at the bottom to view another testimonial.

I started working with Tim about a year ago now. When I arrived I weighed a scary 23 stone! I’d just given up smoking and decided watching and being part of my kids growing up was more important. I have worked with a number of personal trainers in the past, all were good, but none of them were committed to their craft or clients as Tim is. It took us a while to meet up, but when we did he came to my house. I liked Tim straight away, he just seemed to listen and ask the right questions, but also made a lot of sense. The thing I like the most about Tim though is that there is no mask, he is a real person and he shares things about himself. I know an odd thing to say about a personal trainer perhaps, but to me working with someone I can get to know and share things with is part of the journey and the fun. So although my progress has been pretty slow at times and my determination has more than wavered on many occasions, it’s still going in the right direction. I recently climbed on the scales for the first time in a long time and it showed a 1 at the beginning not a 2, what a feeling. My only problem was I started celebrating too much, anyway Tim has got me back on track. Tim has stuck with me through it all, if I am struggling he starts to increase contact which keeps me motivated. When he knows there is a lot going on in life then he backs off. More importantly he makes it fun, he shows more commitment to me than I show to myself sometimes and best of all he is one of lifes great people. He absorbs so much and he makes things happen, he is someone I aspire to be more like. I have no doubt with Tim’s help I will kick my bad habits, choose a more healthy and active lifestyle and carry on our sessions till one of us drops.
Bootcamp Winchester offers physical training 3 times a week @ £5 a session which in anyone's eyes offers fantastic value for money. But that is just one of a whole list of positives. Most importantly when training, you have to have trust in your instructor. And you will not find a more friendly, professional trainer than Tim Norris. Switched on, knowledgeable, great fun and dedicated to helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be and however unfit you feel you are. Not only does he run the Bootcamp, he also offers comprehensive personal training programs which cater for your own individual targets at very competitive rates. I've trained with the Marines, Boxing Clubs and Tae Kwon-Do clubs and Tim is right up there. His sole aim is to help you improve and he instils in the group a real sense of camaraderie. Tim Norris and Bootcamp Winchester, take a bow!
I was not fat, I was not skinny but I was unfit. Trying to chase two young boys on their scooters told me I was in need of investing in myself! I knew deep down that I needed to think about getting fit. But I hate gyms. None of my friends seemed interested in getting fit and my partner couldn't exercise at the same time as me because who would look after the children????

It was months before I decided to go down the personal trainer route, and then finally I contacted Tim from Bootcamp Winchester. Tim met me, he talked to me about what I wanted to achieve and didn't laugh, patronise or scare me off exercise in anyway! He also completely understood and was prepared to work around my work and family life. 7 months later and I'm feeling good! Seriously, really good. I'm running 10ks, I'm able to plank, squat, box, sprint, lunge (and much more) and I'm booked on some real challenge races in the forthcoming months and a half marathon in the autumn.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not some sort of six-packed goddess now .....far from it, but I'm someone who is feeling good in their clothes, enjoying my body being in good health and just feeling happy reaping the rewards of investing in me! I can now run alongside my children as they scoot at full speed! I'm enjoying feeling healthy, toned and fit.

Tim himself has had every opportunity to laugh out loud at my inability to squat, my general co-ordination, my self pity and my sweaty red face on many occasions. But he has never been anything but professional or motivating. Tim has made every session the right mix of fun and hard work. Sessions are all held outdoors in sunshine or rain, daytime or nighttime. I can honestly say once my session is underway I am totally unaware of the weather conditions! Being outdoors works, its varied and liberating. Everything a gym isn't.

Tim is always punctual and cares for my safety. Tim is knowledgable! My partner has for years tried to teach me the importance of diet and stretching, Tim slowly got me understanding how to look after myself completely and maintain total fitness.

I always thought personal trainers were a luxury, but I have achieved fantastic personal results in a short period of time and not incurred injury because I've been well advised.

If you are thinking of working with Tim, you will not be disappointed. But you need to be determined. Tim will do his part and give you 110%, but you also need to want it.

I cannot recommend Tim enough. GO SEE TIM NOW!
Anna Bird
I started working with Tim in May 2015 and so far I have lost close to 10 pounds, completed a Tough Mudder and am highly motivated to keep going. I have always struggled with self-motivation when it comes to fitness and as a result never really had much success in the past. I decided to work with Tim after our first meeting as he struck me as a very genuine guy that really cares for the quality of what he does and the people he works with. And I was proven 100% correct. Tim is great to work with and has enabled me to make real progress on improving my fitness levels and physique. No sessions are ever the same and Tim’s commitment to variety, as well his continual support and encouragement, is what makes the workouts enjoyable and keeps me coming back for more. Working with Tim is also more than just the training session itself. Tim is truly committed to helping you achieve your goals is this not just limited to the workouts. Tim keeps in touch through the course of the week, whether it be a motivational text here and there, or to check it out how you’ve been eating. It’s all of these things that are helping me towards achieving my goals.
Lewis Miller
I have been working with Tim Norris for the past 4 odd months. I am completely happy with the approachable and professional service Tim provides. He ensures that you are motivated and can reach obtainable goals to continue your personal positivity. I would recommend Tim to everyone of all fitness abilities. He moulds the workout sessions personally to you, and quickly offers alternatives if you have an injury to encourage the positive sessions. You leave feeling the session like Tim genuinely wants the best for you, your heath and fitness, and your positivity.
I've used On Fire Fitness personally for some time now, and must say that I have made incredible changes to my body and more importantly to my lifestyle. When I started with Tim I was well over 16 stone and fit for little, since then I have run a number of obstacle races (Spartan x2, Tough Mudder etc. ), trained with Bear Grylls and am now training for a marathon in the Sahara.

To work with someone that has so much passion for helping others to change has been a real pleasure. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who is looking to make a permanent change to their body and to their life.
I have now been working with Tim for seven months. My initial goal was to lose some flab but over the course of those seven months, my goal has changed and I want to get fit and toned. I'm certainly beginning to meet those goals and feeling very proud. Tim is so motivational, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. When I want to collapse in a heap, he pushes me on, shoulders back and soft knees! He's given me the fitness bug and in my view, he's the best personal trainer in Winchester!
In spirit of Armed Forces Day, the team at Remarkable Content were on the lookout for a local personal trainer to put us through our paces in a bootcamp-style fitness session to raise money for Help for Heroes. That’s where OnFire Fitness and Tim stepped in.

Ahead of our lunchtime session with Tim, he ensured we were briefed on health and safety aspects reassuring us that we were in the hands of a professional. On the day, once we had finished our warm up, we jogged down to a nearby field close to our offices and began our session consisting of squats, press ups and boxing. Tim had also brought along a wide selection of equipment including a tug of war rope and kettlebells which were put to good use in a head to head team running exercise. This was a great idea for team building with the group cheering on our allies.

Considering we took part in the session over a lunch break Tim managed to pack in a lot of varied moves and exercises so we were kept on our toes with each drill different from the last.

The session was hard work but fun and enjoyable, delivered in a friendly way. We certainly also felt our hard work the next day in muscles we never knew existed, proving how good the session was at targeting those potential troublesome areas!

Thank you very much Tim and now we’ve been introduced to Bootcamp Winchester we will definitely be crawling back for more!
Remarkable Content
I started with bootcamp about a year ago and during that time I’ve had my ups and downs. The problem I had at first was pushing myself beyond my fitness level. I would go to every meeting but would always be at the back and when everyone else was running I would walk most of the course or if it was an exercises I would do the minimal. My weight stayed the same most of the time for the first few months due to my eating and not pushing myself. At about the six month stage all of a sudden something changed I started getting motivated and really pushed myself. I did more of the exercises and ran a lot more. I put this down to the rest of the bootcampers and Tim, who encouraged and pushed me. I started losing weight, had a lot more energy and I was not at the back of the pack. I now run most days by myself and even run on days when I have bootcamp. While I am not at my ideal weight yet, the scales are looking a lot better and to date I have lost approximately one and a half stone in weight and am more toned than I have been for quite a while because of this it looks like I’ve lost more weight than I actually have. I’m not on a diet and eat most things and even a few that I should not. I eat the bad thing but not as much as I use to and just go for a run. When you put the work in and you can see the results you start think about those small changes that can make a big different. It takes time and I didn’t have to be in a hurry, I did thing in my own time but having all the bootcamper family for support and motivation I’m now on my way to a much healthier place. Bootcamp has a lot of people who are different sizes and shapes but all of them encourage each other. The banter and personalities are one of the other reasons I go back every week. We have a great social life and it’s not all about diets and starving yourself, it’s more to do with pushing yourself for a better way of life and getting off the couch and meeting new challenges, which we all need in our lives. The last time I did run with loads of people was when I was still in my teens. I have completed one fun run, Run and Dye and have booked up for the Brutal Ten in January with a few of the other ladies, this will be another mile stone, that I would not have thought possible, 5 months ago. I go from strength to strength every week and look forward to hitting the road, track or car park more and more. When you start feeling fit, it becomes a drug which you seem to want more and more. I’ve made some lifelong friend and miss them if for some reason I can’t go. We have the best Trainer Tim Norris. Who goes out of his way to motivate us and keep us on track which is not always easy as we all have different personalities but it’s all done with fun and laughter. He knows his stuff, whether you want to lose weight or get fit he’s on it. I put most of my fitness down to the motivation and help provided by Winchester Bootcamp and Tim Norris our fitness trainer and mentor. If anyone wants to lose weight, start getting fit or just wants to tone up, I would without hesitation recommend Winchester Bootcamp to everyone, no matter what size, fitness level or age you are, come along and have some fun.
Annette Temple
I run, mostly on my own, and have run a handful of long distance races since starting a couple of years ago. Injured out of running my second marathon earlier this year, I first discovered Bootcamp Winchester as a way of keeping active while I couldn’t run, but more importantly to strengthen up before I started training again. Initially nervous, I soon realised that I had stumbled upon quite some group of people, they were so welcoming I need not have worried! Now training for next year’s marathon, weekly bootcamp sessions are very much part of my plan, and a part I just need to turn up to….Tim does the rest! Being part of this group of people makes me realise it’s good to work (and play!) with others, and I’m very proud to be a part of the bootcamp family
Liz Linsay
It has been really great working with Tim over the last few months. After a careful assessment and the establishment some key goals together we have made real progress. All aspects of fitness, strength, health and nutrition have all been considered. Sessions have been hard work but varied and interesting both indoor and outdoor. Tim has also been excellent in ensuring progress whilst avoiding aggravating persistent injuries caused by work. He has a positive attitude, pushing you as far as you can go but also recognises when it’s time to pull back. Of course a lot of the work has to be done by the individual but with Tim’s help I’m confident most people can achieve their targets.
John Cantor
In the summer of 2012 a friend of mine mentioned that she had started doing a BOOTCAMP a what? I asked she then explained outside exercise class but a lot harder but lots of fun 🙂 you must come along she says NOT A CHANCE I said but it got me thinking…. Being well over weight feeling fat frumpy and avoiding confronting this major issue of mine and heading fast into an age where there could be in my mind a point of no return…. So I made the decision to take the plunge and told myself JUST DO IT SARA!

I mentioned to my friend that ok I will give it a go, I got to the point of wanting to back out I commented this on my friends status and up popped a name and he said don’t be scared just come along and that name….. Tim Norris. I was extremely nervous and felt stupid and very unfit as I stood awkwardly in the park……. This was the beginning of a very long and hard journey……..

The greeting from fellow bootcampers was warm and friendly Tim introduced himself and a few others and the warm up began, I was reassured that I could do what I could and oh boy it was hard!! I had not run since my teens never ever done a push up, didn’t know what half the exercises were my body did know what had hit it!! I did what my bulk would allow me to do and battled my way through a whole hour had gone by in a flash and found myself actually enjoying the brutal physical abuse I was inflicting on myself. I was reassured and asked if I found it ok, in my mind I was like hell yeah I love it! I went home with a huge smile on my face taking in the instructions of Tim and Luke stretch and take on fluid as this will help with the recovery, well I was raving about it to my family and anyone that would listen!

The next morning as I woke up I actually could not move, my body didn’t know what had hit it, every muscle in my body screamed as I started moving but in my mind I was like this ain’t gonna let it beat me……..

I found myself going to next one and the one after that building up what is now fantastic friendships. The reassurance and support from Tim and Luke were and still is fantastic, I kept going even when I felt I couldn’t.

I injured myself I few times with help and advice from Tim got myself checked for new trainers. Like everyone trainers are trainers right? Well no wrong if your serious about getting fit and strong I highly recommend you go get your trainers fitted it doesn’t cost as much as you think and saves you from hurting yourself. Each time I had to recover from injury the support from everyone was amazing! Advice given on how to improve quicker recovery from others that have suffered similar fates this included a sports massage from Pat who is also part of the team. The most frustrating thing was being not able to join in! The past year has been brilliant I have learnt so much from BOOTCAMP Winchester about myself and the fact I can do it, there is always someone there behind you saying you can do it LOOK YOU ARE DOING IT!! I have managed to lose 2 stone this year on just doing the exercise my body shape has changed dramatically I feel much better more healthy and most of all very happy. I have reached goals that last year I didn’t even think I could!! My major hurdle was to run I have never run in my life so to finish a 5k was major to me… Learning that it was ok to walk and jog and run I’m slow still am but I get there I have a long way to go but with the fantastic BOOTCAMP I know I will get there!

My advice to anyone is just take a deep breath and GET OUT THERE!! I did and it’s the best thing I have ever done! Here’s to 2015 I will be doing a race this year a 10k is my aim and losing another 2 stone 🙂
Sara Knight

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