Training Partners 

Training partners are a fantastic idea for most of us , they help to inspire , motivate , and keep you on track.

Both need to have the same goals in mind lose weight , build muscle run faster or longer . Training for a proticalier sport etc.
Having a buddy train with you pushing you when needed keeps the sessions fun and lively. Smiles and banter all round.
Some people have different buddy’s for different areas of their health and fitness as easy training partner will bring to the table there own spin their own motivation as we are it all good at everything.
Bouncing of each other’s energy levels and a little spin a touch of healthy competition is always good.
Having a training partner is great but remember they need to be there for you. Over time they will learn when to punch you and when to ease back.
  • *Squats
  • *Overhead presses
  • *Bench press
All these exercise your training partner can help with that last rep or training just past your max they can assist you that extra help to push past the pre wuss weeks weight.
Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 at 8:03 am  |  Training Tips