What Was Different This Year?

From all the years previous.

The answer is everything other than you, what I mean by this is everything is different every minute of every day its you that could be potentially harming your results.

Tell me ! what was different this year ?


  • Did you get that beach body ?
  • Did you get your pre-baby body back ?
  • Do you have more energy ?
  • Can you run fast and for longer ?
  • Are your clothes fitting better ?
  • Do you feel more comfortable in your own skin ?
  • Did you get into the best condition you’ve ever been in ?
  • Do you feel sexy ?
  • That was a lot of questions …!

But I bet it’s made you think , as I look around , friends , relatives and Jo blogs down the street all look the same , year in year out some have been talking about loosing weight ever since I first met them others talk about when they were younger they could do this or that but can’t any more . This is a sad state of affairs others go though the monitions and see very little or no progress at all , some people lose a little weight then put it back on and in some cases more ! Some try new programmes don’t get a result then jump on the next new things or diet there weight yoyos and it’s just all shooting in the dark with no Direction.

Ask yourself these questions

Family , illness , work , travel but really there just excuses.

  • Theres 12 months in a year
  • 52 weeks in a year
  • 168 hours in a week
  • 24 hours in a day
  • Everyone can make time …..

The simple truth is you simply did not want it bad enough.

You weren’t prepared to take yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself physically and mentally your mind is still back to the old you.

The call to the settee eating chips watching TV is stronger than your desire to be slimmer healthier have more energy feel fantastic stronger.

It’s roughly a year from now you’ll be going on holiday or vacation it’s time to take action.

It’s time to take action now this will enable you to have lots of time to prepare yourself if you have weight to shift or more stone to loose . Allowing yourself a year or more to to loose this weight , slow steady and learning new better habits and developing a better relationship with what you eat when you eat and how much of it.

bearing in mind throughout the year there will be times that you’re Plateau and potentially put a little bit of weight back on ( Christmas time , Easter , birthdays ,weddings , celebrations) .

Don’t fret about these things unfortunately this is life , remember it’s not a quick fix it’s a life change what this means is when you get down to your goal you stay at your goal as you would’ve learnt the processes to keep slimmer and maintain your weight and live a more healthy all round lifestyle.

  • Be stronger in body and in mind.
  • Focused on the job at hand.
  • Seek help.
  • Don’t be scared of falling down , when you do dust yourself off , learn from it and get back out there .
  • Rest
  • Sleep
  • Eat well and in control.
Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 at 12:28 pm  |  Motivation